What People Say About Our Clinics and Instruction

Clinic Participant: "...clinic was relaxed and positive. Instructors lacked arrogant / know it all nature; emplyed supportive non-critical "instruction" - Thank You!-"

Clinic Participant: "Instructors clear, attentive. Very helpful in addressing specific needs. I feel more confident about being direct about what I need and how to get it."

Clinic Participant: "I liked the relaxed environment. The one on one attention. I appreciated the explanations. All of my concerns were addressed."

Clinic Participant: "I learned a lot of new techniques that I will be able to use in further riding. Instructors were great, really helpful in finding out what needs to be worked on. I got the most important things done that I needed to, to improve the controlling of a horse. It was great!"

Clinic Participant: "Nice clinic. Instructors were great. Friendly with a low key approach. "