A Word From Our Boarders

A Tale of Two Icelandics.

Last summer, we imported two Icelandic horses from Iceland. As first time horse owners, we were very naive and had no idea of the skills necessary to not only care for the horses everyday needs, but the special challenges we were presented with introducing our horses to many things they had not encountered in their previous lives in Iceland. Besides being totally stressed out after being flown in a cargo plane, going through several days of quarantine and isolation from each, they had to be introduced to many new things such as, vaccinations, bugs, fly spray and masks, trees, hoses and life in general in a new climate and country.

If it had not been for Gena and Bud coming to our rescue, we would have probably had a disastrous experience as new owners and would not be enjoying our horses today. They agreed to board our horses, patiently train them and provide Jim and me with ongoing lessons in handling, caring for and riding our new charges. Our lessons took place in a variety of settings including the barn, round pen, arena, trail rides and trips to beaches and parks.

After six months, we were able to bring Megas and Tobba to our own farm along with many newfound skills that we had acquired under their skillful tutelage. The horses are very well behaved, as both Gena and Bud subscribe to teaching through natural horsemanship, which complimented and was very similar to the gentle beginnings they had been taught by in Iceland. We eagerly anticipate our ongoing riding lessons and are comforted in knowing that the McGrath's are readily available to offer assistance and guidance, as we continue our education in the wonderful world of our partnership with our horses.

Not only have Gena and Bud helped us with our Icelandics, they were also instrumental in introducing and nurturing us through an unexpected "bonus horse adoption". As of the first of the year, we are now the proud owners of a magnificent, twenty-some Quarter Horse, who was in need of some special TLC and medical care. This in itself has been a fantastic learning experience, which would not have been possible without Gena and Bud's ongoing support. We feel that our farm is complete with Magic's presence and we know that he has found his "forever home" he so rightly deserves.

It is with our utmost confidence and heartfelt recommendation that we encourage you to use the McGrath's for your equestrian needs. Our lifetime dream of having our own horses, developing expertise in the many facets of horsemanship skills and enjoying our new found passion has been made possible through their many years of owning their own horses and their facilities and programs and Springpoint Farm.