Boarding at Springpoint Farm:

The farm is our home and we work hard to maintain a high level of care for the horses that stay with us. We take pride in our facility and we carefully select boarders that appreciate having access to a year round riding facility and will work with us to complement our common goals of a safe, healthy and happy environment that is conducive to learning and camaraderie. Abuse of horses or farm privileges will undermine these goals for all of us.

Our Facilities

Springpoint has the following facilities available to boarders:

  • 20 12'x12' stalls
  • 3 large run in sheds
  • 76'x132' indoor arena
  • 66'x200' outdoor arena
  • 60' professional round pen
  • 3 green pastures
  • 2 tack rooms
  • Wash stall

Nutrition and Amenities

Grain, hay, and water are provided daily. We feed hay three times a day in summer and four times a day in winter. Supplements provided by owner administered in feed free of charge. The arenas are available for use until 8:00 PM, if you need to ride after 8:00PM eat us know. Horses are turned out into the pastures if the ground isn't too wet and the weather is appropriate.

Pricing and Fees*: 

  • Board: $700.00 month
  • Board plus one lesson a week: $900.00 month (paid with board monthly)
  • Training Board: Work with horse and/or rider 2 times a week - $1100.00
  • Training Board: Work with horse and/or rider 3 times a week - $1300.00
  • Leasing: We have a few horses available for on farm lease. Veterinary care and farrier services are included. Half lease for $350.00 a month or a full lease for $700.00 a month.
  • Contact us for more information on available lease horses.

*Rates current as of September 1, 2017. Rates are subject to change and are not guaranteed. 

These prices include administration of supplements and medications in feed, simple blanketing, and booting. We do not charge extra for horses that require a third meal or larger quantities of sweet feed or hay to maintain proper weight. We surcharge for premium feed (such as senior feed).

There is a $10.00 per day stall rest fee (1-10 days) or a $100.00 flat fee to cover extra feed, bedding and labor coasts if a horse has to be stalled round-the-clock for more than 10 days during a one-month period.

We charge our cost for medical supplies (i.e. Vetrap, gauze) or will ask you to replace our supplies. We expect boarders to provide special care their horses may require, such as foot soaking, wrapping, hand walking or wound dressing, but will provide these services if an owner is unable to. Charges for these services are listed below.

Other specialty services, such as deworming, sheath or udder cleaning, hydrotherapy and other medical treatment also require an additional fee.

Basic cost for emergency or medical treatments:

$6.25 per 15 minute increment of treatment (changing wound dressings, wrapping leg(s), hand walking, giving oral medications) Medications and supplies to be provided by the boarder.

"A La Carte" Services list


Walking, ½ hour
Walking,1 hour
Riding, ½ hour
Riding, 1 hour
Longeing, ½ hour


Assistance with Farrier or Veterinarian; or owner consult/ education on care, feeding, medicating.





Sheath Cleaning


$25.00 (includes sheath cleanser) + $20.00 if extra training time is needed. 

Meds. Supplements, Supportive Care*:

Bute (in feed) per 1g dose

Gas-X and/or Electrolytes 

Oral Dose preparation and Admin of meds.

Deworming (Oral paste)

Banamine (oral or injectable) per dose

Bran Mash w/ electrolytes 

Hyposensitization shots (Allergy shots) 

Cold hosing/ Hot Packing/Ice

Leg Wraps (per leg) with owners supplies

Stall Rest

* For Extended Care Cases: We will review costs and time spent and if possible, bill by the farms' current hourly rate rather than by the service to save our clients money. 

$1.00 (SPF supplied)

$10.00 (SPF supplied)

$10.00 (owner supplies meds. and carrier)

$5.00 with owner supplied dewormer

$20.00 (w syringes and needles) SPF supplied.

$10.00 (2.00 for materials, 8.00 prep)

$10.00 ( owner supplied sets and syringes) 


$5.00 per leg; with poultice $10.00 per leg

$10.00/ day for first 10 days or $100.00 per month (for extra hay, bedding, labor) 

Horse Transport:

$50.00 minimum plus mileage fee. Call for details.

Stable Rules and Policies

The current horse board is expected on the 1st day of the month. A late fee of will be assessed if board is received after the 5th of each month. Boarding prices and fees are subject to change with a 30 day notice. A 30-day notice is required prior to cancellation of boarding.

All horses are required to be dewormed regularly, every eight weeks minimum, or to have Fecal Egg Count done biannually by their veterinarian and dewormed as directed; to have their teeth checked, and to have current immunizations by a veterinarian. Copies of current Coggins, fecal results and annual vaccines will be submitted to SPF for your horses' file.  

A boarding contract, copies of current immunizations and a current negative Coggins Test is required for each horse before arrival for boarding. Valid Maine Coggins must be within 1 year. Out of state Coggins must have been drawn and tested within the last 6 months prior to arrival.

Boarder access to facilities is available 7 days a week. In the rare and unlikely event that we must close to the public for an emergency or maintenance we will notify everyone. We have only closed twice in the last 10 years. Both times were for half a days due to heavy equipment operating around the barn. 

Children under the age of 14 are required to have a parent or guardian present when at the farm. Children under 18 who come to the barn without a parent or guardian will require a completed Authorization for Emergency Treatment on file. 

Keeping the Facility Clean: All boarders must clean up after themselves. Please sweep your grooming area and clean up after your horse in the aisles and the arenas. Please do not wash manure down the wash stall drain, shovel it into a muck bucket. The drain is not designed to handle waste. The blanket rack on the stall door is for current blankets and boots. Please store your off season blankets and gear upstairs in totes. Plastic bags aren't appropriate for storing personal items and create chaos in the loft. We ask that you use clearly labeled large plastic totes or tack trunks for your belongings. We are not responsible for lost, damaged or misplaced tack, blankets, or personal items. 

Damage to farm property or equipment will be billed to horse owner. 

Helmets and boots are required when mounted. Following safety procedures and rules when at the farm helps to keep everyone safe.

Dogs: For insurance reasons dogs are permitted by permission only and must be on leash. Dogs are not allowed to be tied up anywhere the property.  Dogs are not allowed during clinics. If your dog is with you and it is unsafe for them to be confined in your vehicle (i.e.: too hot/cold/ etc.) we do have crates available and will gladly bring one down to the feed room for your dog. 

Guests: If you bring a guest and they intend to groom, work around, or ride your horse they must sign a release. Rider release forms are on the clipboard on the hutch in the tack room. Clip board is on the left. Additional bank release forms are inside the clipboard. Leave the signed release on top of the clipboard. We ask that children never be left unattended. We highly recommend that children wear appropriate boots and a helmet around your horse. We have boots to loan and many sizes of school helmets available. Visitors are not allowed into other boarders paddocks or stalls, and NEVER feed treats to anyone elses' horse. Many of the horses have allergies and sugar sensitivities and are kept on very specific diets. 

We would like extend our deep gratitude to our boarders for the positive and friendly atmosphere you have all helped to create in the barn and at the farm.  We encourage you to keep the channels of communication flowing and let us know if there is anything you are concerned about regarding your horse.  We look forward to continuing to work together so that we all may enjoy our horses to the fullest. 

Thank you!