October 5th - 8th, 2018 - call for availability or email us: Greg Eliel Horsemanship Clinic

ALL DISCIPLINES WELCOME! Space is limited to 10 riders in each session.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to work with Greg and your horse!

Are you and your horse stuck in a rut? Come and have fun with supportive horsemen at our farm! 

Optimize the teamwork between you and your horse. Work on achieving harmony, balance, timing and feel. Open your mind to new concepts and learn to maximize your awareness. Every clinic we've hosted has had a diverse mix of riders from different disciplines. Some had specific issues they wanted to improve, others were just starting the season with a new horse and wanted to build a solid working foundation built on understanding and trust. Fun, up beat, friendly, and best of all, No Drama! 

All disciplines. Horsemanship 1 and Horsemanship 2  (previous clinic experience and ability to ride all gaits is  required for H2)

About Greg:

Greg spent several years in the late 1980's working for Buck Brannaman. After moving to WA state he began developing his own clinics based on the methods and teachings of Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, Bryan Neubert, Bill and Tom Dorrance.

For over 30 years Greg has been developing and implementing a very successful step-by-step program to educate the human and horse. Guided by a deep concern for the well-being of both horses and humans, Greg's program has gained national notoriety for achieving dramatic results through education, understanding, and self-awareness. 

Simply, this has been the result of knowing the horse and allowing him to do what he does best.  Greg's philosophy is that the horse deserves the emphasis. He sees his role as helping people with problems by initially speaking for the horse.

Greg presents his program at clinics on both the East and West coasts. He and his training techniques have been the subject of numerous local, regional, and national news features, both print and broadcast.  

Greg has an engaging teaching style and he is a master of framing his instruction to fit the learning styles of each clinic participant. He is invested and committed to helping the student learn, understand, and progress.

Greg is passionate about learning and continues studying. His interests include studying the biomechanics of the horse, dressage, jumping, western horsemanship, working cattle, and bettering the working lives of horses.

For More Information, please visit Greg Eliel's Web Site: http://www.3pillarsequestrian.com

Clinic Options:

Horsemanship 1 is designed to educate riders on the skills necessary to stay safe and progress with their horses in whatever discipline they participate in. Horses with minor problems are welcome as long as the rider is fairly comfortable riding and handling the horse.

Horsemanship 2 is designed for riders who have been through Horsemanship 1. Must be able to ride walk, trot and canter.


Private/Semi-Private - Sorry No Privates Fall 2018-  privates $125.00 per hour
Horsemanship 1 - (limit 10) - $450.00
Horsemanship 2 - (limit 10) $450.00
Auditing $25.00 a day.    Auditors under 12 years old will be admitted free.

A non refundable deposit of $100.00 will hold your spot.  Board is $20.00 per night. We provide the bedding and the stall cleaning, you must bring your own hay and feed. 

Current Vaccine & Negative Coggins (within 3 years for in-state horses, 6 months for out of state) documents required to register.

Pot Luck on Sunday night during the clinic. 

Greg and Max

BEACH RIDE planned after the clinic on --------TBA------- at Popham Beach State Park for those who are interested - weather and tides permitting. 

Greg clinic Popham Beach October 2012

All Disciplines Welcome!

Sunday Clinic Series: 

Contact Gena for dates and times: Winter we gather to work bi-weekly 10:30-Noon

  • Intrinsic Posture and Play  - Working through play to improve the posture, core strength, confidence and proprioception of the horse. We will be using clickers. 

  • Exploring the Connection: Natural Horsemanship and Classical Principles  - Building awareness. How groundwork relates to work under saddle. The importance of balance, lightness and relaxation to the horse and how we can positively or negatively influence these things as riders.  All disciplines can benefit. 

 Summer Riding Camps 2017 - dates pending 

Zoe First Ride

About Our Camps ....

Springpoint Farm is proud to offer quality summer riding programs that are safe, educational, and fun! Summer Horse Camps are open to young people between the ages of 7 and 18. Our program was developed by instructors with degrees in Education and many years of experience working with children and horses. Our facility is the perfect place for your child to safely learn to ride. Our program is designed with education, safety and enjoyment in mind.

Our instructors are experienced equestrians who offer a wealth of knowledge to students, keeping the camp interesting and fun. Counselors -in-training are also on staff to insure the students will have peer mentoring throughout their camp experience.

Liability and Emergency care release forms will be required, please scroll down to download.

Summer Camps Fee: $400
Summer Camp runs 9 AM – 4 PM

Beginners Camp - No experience necessary

Camp for Experienced Riders who can maintain position and control of the horse at the posting trot off the lunge line.

Beginners Camp - No experience necessary

Camp for Experienced Riders who can maintain position and control of the horse at the posting trot off the lunge line.

$150 deposit required to hold space – balance due 1st day of camp if not paid in full by June 15.

$20 late fee for registration forms received after June 20th (Before and after care available for an additional $10 per hour.)

  • For Your Child’s Safety… Students must wear riding pants, jeans or long pants suitable for riding and farm activities. Hard soled shoes/ boots with a low heel are a must. (some riding boots are available at the Farm – please check for your childs’ size and availability) Students who arrive in sneakers will not be allowed to ride. An approved riding helmet with harness is to be worn at all times while riding. Although we can provide helmets, it is always best to have your own. Excessively long pants or shirts are safety hazards and should be avoided. Long hair should be braided or placed in a pony tail for riding. Helmets will be provided and must be worn when mounted. 
  • NOTICE: Helmets provided by Springpoint Farm are made available for your convenience only. Springpoint Farm makes no representations or warranties regarding the extent these helmets will protect you against injury as a result of impact, accident or fall. We strongly recommend that you obtain your own properly fitted protective headgear meeting current safety standards, and that you wear it whenever you ride.
  • Lunches: Students should bring their own lunches and any desired snacks. A refrigerator will be available to keep food and drinks cold.

Summer Camp! - for Beginners

No Horse Experience Necessary

Stella & Lilly

  • Each rider learns basic horse care and safety. We use a fun and holistic approach to teach our students. Each learns how to work safely by using knowledge of horse behavior and how our energy and intent can cause success with the horse. Natural Horsemanship techniques are utilized in teaching skills and safety on the ground. In the saddle we work on simple principles of centered riding and body awareness to help students learn proper equitation. Beginning riders will be working on the lunge or will have side walkers for safety.
  • Games, arts and crafts and fun with like minded young people. No better way to enjoy time well spent with horses!
  • Campers will bring their own bagged lunch. Long pants, hard soled boots with a heel and helmets are required. (some helmets are available at the farm.) Students should also pack a bathing suit, shorts, and sneakers.

Summer Camp! - for Advanced

Previous Experience Necessary
To Participate In Advanced Camp

Viv & Ellie

  • Riders must be able to maintain their position and control their horse at the posting trot. Camper participants will work on horsemanship, first aid, jumping, versatility and trail obstacles, yoga on horseback and much more.
  • Games, arts and crafts and fun with like minded young people. Come and enjoy time well spent on the farm with friends and horses!
  • Campers will bring their own bagged lunch. Long pants, hard soled boots with a heel and helmets are required. (some helmets are available at the farm.) Students should also pack a bathing suit, shorts, and sneakers.
  • Possible overnight on one night - TBA

Echo & Ellie

June - August 2017

  • Join us! Every Sunday of the month for a casual Horsemanship session. This will include groundwork, relationship building, respect and trust and understanding what your horse would like You to Know! This will run from either 10-nooon or from 1-2PM; depending on interest, with your horse or ours. These are strictly "casual" so if we can't get a group it won't run. So organize a couple of friends and bring lunch and have some horse fun. Fee: $50.00

*This will NOT run if it is a holiday or overlapping with any other scheduled event - in doubt? Call 576-5847!

April - August (dates TBA) - Adult Riding & Horsemanship Retreat

Spend a weekend with us and tune up for a clinic, horse show, trail riding issues, versatility work, rider awareness, anxiety issues, or just to simply bond with your horse! We will focus on horsemanship and relationship building. Arena work, trail obstacles, yoga and more. Supportive group or like minded equestrians. Our philosophy is that there is no such thing as a foolish issue or question; only the ones that never get ASKED are foolish! Come grow with us. Get away for a fun total immersion weekend. Knowledge is power. 

TBA - Maine Trail Challenge Series Event - 

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Judge: TBA

Echo & I trot through water

The Series is a group of races that will test the horsemanship, versatility and ability of the horse and rider team through a variety of obstacles, natural or man made. These events will be held at various farms and riding clubs throughout the state of Maine.

  • Awards: Places to 6th in all 4 classes.
  • Obstacles: Minimum of 10 maximum of 15 per course
  • Mandatory: Gate, Bridge, Jump/step over, Backing, Curtain walk thru.
  • Optional: Water, mounting & dismounting, drag, slicker work, ground tie, debris box, turnaround box, sidepassing, trailer loading & unloading, animal cutouts/silhouettes, motorized vehicles/atv etc. doing something that involves both hands (like tying a ribbon on a tree branch)
  • Not allowed: Live animals, standing on horses backs or crawling under, curtains with thin strips or ropes, NO riding bareback or without bridle, rope halters are OK. No leadlines or attendants/instructors allowed in youth divisions. Check rules for helmets & safety rules at each host site.
  • Judging: will be done on horsemanship of the rider and the horse with a score given at each obstacle and a final tally. Each rider will be timed and a combination of the best performance in the quickest time will determine placing.
  • Divisions & descriptions:
    Novice Youth, [Youth = Under 18 on May 1st]
    no leadline or attendant ~ inexperienced rider
    Open Youth, more experienced and/or from a training barn with experienced horses
    Novice Adult, beginner riders to this type of competition OR green horses with more experienced riders.
    Open Adult, professional riders/trainers or experienced to this type of competition.
    Other entry Info: Points will awarded to horse & rider team. A horse can be ridden in the youth classes multiple times with different riders. In the adult classes a horse can be ridden a maximum of twice.
  • Entry fee: $25.00 per horse and rider team per class. Each host can add a voluntary jackpot fee in the open adult division & choose to award it as they may. Each host may also get donated prizes or added money as they choose but it is not necessary.
  • Current Vaccine & Coggins documents required to register.

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