Our Philosophy

We offer a variety of equine programs and educational opportunities at the farm.

Our mission is to nurture the harmony, athleticism and understanding between horse and human through the training and instruction of natural horsemanship, classical dressage, and centered riding techniques. We prepare horses for a lifetime of learning and partnership in any discipline.

Our program is built on safety, respect, communication and trust. We help riders and students of all ages establish a solid foundation and a deep appreciation for the horse.

Our methods focus on building confidence and self esteem in our students and our horses.

We base the individual program on our observation of the personality, temperament and learning styles demonstrated by our human and equine friends. Each participant's program is carefully framed around attainable, reasonable goals and lots of well-deserved heart-felt PRAISE. . We go at the pace dictated by those needs and we often use creative, non-traditional approaches to facilitate safe, stress free discovery and progress. Because no one learns when they are self-conscious, intimidated or overwhelmed we keep our sessions to private groups or one on one.

P - raise
R - elease
A - chieve
I - ncredible
S - uccess with humans
E - quines~!

What Is Natural Horsemanship?

Natural Horsemanship is not mystical mumbo jumbo. It is the art of working, teaching, training and riding horses in a manner that works with the horse's natural behavior, instincts and personality in a considerate, common sense style that allows for greater harmony between horse and rider.

Natural Horsemanship can be learned by horse lovers of all ages. There is no magical age at which to begin. If you're just beginning your journey with horses or you've spent a lifetime working with horses, you can learn how to effectively and kindly work with the horse using these methods.

We are always working for clear communication with the horse. Horses are individuals! What works with one horse may not work on the next; we always have to be flexible in our approach. If we present something to him and the horse is unsure and makes guesses about what we want, we don't punish him for making an effort or a move that is not what we want. We simply adjust to fit the given situation, rethink our presentation of the 'request' and just start over. We offer the horse the chance to try again. It is non-productive to be critical of the horse; he wants to be right. Horses are very smart and very curious; we always want to encourage them to use their minds.

Our program is built on respect, communication and trust rather than fear and intimidation. The horses are happier, less resistant to new concepts and better able to work to their full potential. Horses are natural followers who look for fair, reliable consistent leaders. Having a fair, just leader helps the horse to feel safe and lets him relax.

This method is effective and easy. The incredible sense of well-being and accomplishment you experience when you work toward learning these concepts is a joy beyond words.

The horse is your teacher he will tell you where he's at; he doesn't lie. All we have to do is learn to listen.

Life is a journey of learning
and learning is the journey of a lifetime.
Come learn and grow with us.